Basic dismembering body parts from scratch.

I decided to make this post because of returning the internet what it gave to me when searching for information when making the game. Every tutorial I found through the net was totally free and I think this will help other people to their projects as those tutorials helped me.

First will show you the process of dismembering in a video with few steps, then will explain how I achieve this.

I simply came across with the idea of making the dismembering in that way because is very easy to implement. Another discussion is when you have cloths attached, that makes things more complicated.

  1. Create a basic mesh with their armature.
  2. Separate the body parts you wish for the dismembering effect

3- Add joints and colliders to the character

4- This point is the key. Create the ...

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The 4 Legs of: Mediepolys, The Land of Time-seekers

If someone ask me how to describe Mediepolys, 4 kind of gaming come to my mind.

1- Roguelike: It is so funny to fight against bandits, fantastic monsters and of course, kill all of them as brutal as dismembering all their parts. Take an axe or a sharped sword or whatever you find in the world, but better weapons deals with better damage. The first demo will be focused on this genere.

2- Medieval Simulator: Thinking about selling the resources you have been produced to buy others produced by medieler’s mates, it is exciting. However, this does not mean that it ends in farming. Think about creating a town from nothing and manage the resources with other medielers… in a politician party… but, do you have what it is needed to be a Governor?

3- Exploring: Every time I have the op...

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The adventure begins!

Welcome to this trip of my big adventure. Today I will explain to you, my medieler mates, what is this adventure about. Relax and enjoy as I am doing.

Good news for those medielers that don’t know yet they will come a board in this adventure, I’m pretty sure you will like it.

Just explain little things about my self and how I become in starting this project. This is how this devblog is set to #0.

Long time ago I just dreamed on doing 3D modelling, animate my own characters, and create a world to enjoy. Yes, I was a child that have a goal, but my path turns slightly into what I dreamed.

Before going to university, I had to do a research work, guess what? I made a manual of 3D Studio Max, explaining how to modelling, texturing, animating, rigging… I enjoyed it a lot!!

At ...

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