The adventure begins!

Welcome to this trip of my big adventure. Today I will explain to you, my medieler mates, what is this adventure about. Relax and enjoy as I am doing.

Good news for those medielers that don’t know yet they will come a board in this adventure, I’m pretty sure you will like it.

Just explain little things about my self and how I become in starting this project. This is how this devblog is set to #0.

Long time ago I just dreamed on doing 3D modelling, animate my own characters, and create a world to enjoy. Yes, I was a child that have a goal, but my path turns slightly into what I dreamed.

Before going to university, I had to do a research work, guess what? I made a manual of 3D Studio Max, explaining how to modelling, texturing, animating, rigging… I enjoyed it a lot!!

At university I wanted to do some studies related in 3D, modeling and animation, but due to my parents’ economics, I wasn’t able to do that kind of study, so decided to go in computer engineering. That kind of study helped me in learning the basics in programming, so now I am totally carefree on how to program all the objects in a scene.

Later on, I start working in computing, doing some programming and administrating Servers, but my passion on gaming, 3D modelling, animations, was still there.

I like testing all kind of RPGs in the indie market, but every RPG had some things that liked me and others don’t; I always said that I want to do something big in my life: “Create a game from nothing and have what I want to play” was a very attractive idea. I said to me: “Hey man! you are self-taught, I can do everything I want to, I have the knowledge of programming, I modelled characters when working on the research work, I have all the things I needed to start the project, so why wait?

A year ago, I was fired out of the company I was working on, and I can remember perfectly that I was not depressed!! I knew exactly that was the oportunity to start my project… to start the project that I always wanted to do… the project of my life… Mediepolys!


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    Great article. I
    am experiencing some of these issues as well..

  • Merle Dockery

    Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the great spirit.


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